Congratulatory Message Request for B.C. Residents

The Congratulatory Messages Program is pleased to coordinate congratulatory messages for significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries on behalf of residents of British Columbia. While we are pleased to accept requests which arrive late, we cannot guarantee that the messages will be sent by the celebration date. Requests will be accepted 6 months in advance of the occasion date or no more than 6 months after occasion date. B.C. residents are eligible to receive messages from the officials listed below. Please note that only requests for messages from The Queen require proof of eligibility.

Request message from: Birthday Anniversary
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (Ensure proof is attached) 100th (minimum)
Interval: Every year
60th (minimum)
Interval: 5 years and then every year after the 70th
Governor General of Canada 90th (minimum)
Interval: 5 years
50th (minimum)
Interval: 5 years
Prime Minister of Canada 75th
Interval: 5 years
Interval: 5 years
Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia 90 + 50 +
Premier of British Columbia 75 + 25 +
Leader of the Official Opposition of British Columbia 75 + 25 +
Member of the Legislative Assembly (M.L.A.) 75 + 25 +

Please read carefully to ensure your request is processed.

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Step 1: Celebrant Information

  * Occasion:    
  [Ineligible value - hover for details] For a Brithday or Anniversary the recepient must be of the appropriate age to be eligible for a message.

Prefix [?] Messages from the Governor General of Canada require a prefix.: * First Name: * Surname:
* Gender:
Prefix [?] Messages from the Governor General of Canada require a prefix.: * First Name: * Surname:
* Gender:
* City:
Province: [?] The Office of Protocol will only process message requests for current residents of BC. Please see FAQs for further information.
* Postal:
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Step 2: Choose Congratulatory Message(s)

These are the messages the celebrant is eligible for based on the age/years married.
Please select the messages you wish to receive. To review the eligibility criteria please click here.

Proof to Follow (Needed to request a greeting from The Queen.)

Please note that only requests for messages from The Queen require proof. See our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page for the types of proof that are accepted. We will require a photocopy (NOT the original) of the proof to be sent either via email to, by fax to (250)356-2814 or via regular mail to the address provided below:

Attn: Congratulatory Messages
Office of Protocol
9422 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9V1
Please be sure to clearly indicate the name of the Celebrant(s) and the Occasion Date on the certificate copy.

Prime Minister of Canada
Lieutenant Governor of BC
Premier of BC
Leader of the Official Opposition of BC
Recipient's M.L.A. [Look up MLA]Click here to find your M.L.A. based on your postal code (will open a new windows, provided by the Legislative Assembly of BC site).
Do you wish to receive Federal messages in French:

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Step 3: Requestor/Delivery Information

* First Name [?] The Office of Protocol may need to contact you in order to clarify message details.: * Surname:
Email address [X] If you choose to supply an email please ensure it is valid and you re-typed the email correctly.: Re-type Email:
* Phone:
* Delivery Address [?] Please indicate whether you would like the message sent to the celebrant's home address or to a different delivery address. :
* C/O:
Prefix: * First Name: * Surname:
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The information on this form is collected under 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information collected will be used to process congratulatory certificates and will be disseminated to the official(s) you have indicated on the second page. If you have any questions about the collection, use, or disclosure of this information, please contact a Protocol Manager at the Office of Protocol, 2nd Floor, 620 Superior St, Victoria, BC, V8V 1V2, PO Box 9422 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC, V8W 9V1 or at 250-387-1616; Enquiry BC 1-800-663-7867 and by Fax at 250-356-2814.